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Spoon Meals

For me the real gem of Mediterranean cuisine is what they call in Spain a SPOON MEAL. As the name says, you eat them with a spoon, yet they are much more than a soup. A full meal, prepared in a single pot, that you spoon up with delight, never bored of the taste.

This weekend, with my husband hit with the flue, and my son still recovering from his viruses, I could only think of preparing HARIRA, my favourite Marrocan spoon meal. The broth of a good bone with some meat (originally lamb but beef is more appreciated in my family) later on mixed with tomato pulp gives you the depth of taste for the dish. The lentils and chickpeas the proteins and nourishment so needed in winter, the carrots, celery the vitamins and body , the spices (fresh ginger, spice mix Rash al Hanout, cinnamon en fresh coriander) the fragrant flavour and the vermicelli the energy boost that pasta is.

There we get to the equation of my so beloved spoon meal = broth + legume + veggies + spices + a carbohydrate. Easy enough, but it gives a million roads to deliciousness!!!

Interested in mastering this? Come and learn with me! Just send me a message to explore the options.

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